Thank You

Our January meeting of Serving Seniors Networking Breakfast at Meadowbrook Village was our last for SSNB. I firmly believe that every organization serves it’s purpose for a particular time and place, and perhaps SSNB has run it’s course. Many of our long time members have retired, moved away or gotten out of the senior industries. I hope to see all of you at some of the lovely events put on by others in the senior community.

May 2020, and the decade of the 20’s bring you much happiness, prosperity and good health!

Professionals Committed to Our Senior Community

Serving Seniors Networking Breakfast is a non-exclusive networking organization for professionals serving the senior population in any capacity.  Our purpose is to educate one another on our products, services, facilities and to build relationships through our monthly meetings. We can then make better recommendations to our senior clients who deserve professionals with integrity, knowledge, and a dedication to excellent service!